Topologx B.V. started by two university colleagues Pedro Sterken and Hans Ingeveld. They both graduated from Fontys Applied University in Eindhoven, the Netherlands specializing in Industrial Engineering. Even during their studies Hans and Pedro were already involving themselves in projects related to 3D printing. And as a result, Topologx as we know it now was born. The first idea that Topologx had was to make the process of additive manufacturing circular – in other words, to turn metal waste into metal powder for 3D printing and then to create different parts or inventions from it.

Shortly after, the aim became to facilitate 3D printing/ additive manufacturing and to slowly but surely drive it into the mainstream of production. Topologx provides a complete and all-round guideline for every step – from a concept to an actual, functional part. As our founders say: “R&D and OEM engineers out there tend to refrain from additive manufacturing mainly because design for additive manufacturing is not part of their expertise. And this is where we step in”.
Topologx has developed three different packages that contain different elements needed to design a part. Our packages were developed according to the most frequently requested products and services. But anything can be arranged! If your needs deviate from the content of our packages, feel free to contact us on LinkedIn, or email us at info@topologx.com. We are confident that we can cooperate and create a manufacturable part.
For other questions and queries, please contact us through a mail form, on our contact page.